Cardiovascular Imaging Fellowship
Brigham and Women's Hospital


Brigham and Women’s Hospital offers one of the few multidisciplinary cardiovascular imaging programs in the country. The goal of the program is to train future leaders in the field of multimodality cardiovascular imaging. Our unique multidisciplinary program trains cardiologists and radiologists across all cardiovascular imaging modalities, including echocardiography, nuclear cardiology (SPECT and PET), cardiac computed tomography (CCT), cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) and vascular CT/MRI imaging.

We offer three tracks:

  • A two-year clinical track for cardiologists
  • A one-year clinical track for radiologists that focuses more on vascular CT/MRI, cardiac CT, and cardiac MRI
  • A two-year research track, funded by an NIH T32 grant, for individuals who are committed to a research career

Program Leadership:

Executive Director, CV Imaging Program: Marcelo F. Di Carli, MD

Co-Directors, CV Imaging Training Program: Ron Blankstein, MD and Tina Wu, MD, PhD

AY 2023-2024 Chief Fellows: Brian Lilleness, MD, Raya Mannan, MD, and Siddharth Trivedi, MD, PhD